Bandwidth shaping per MAC address?

  • Hi all…

    Is it possible to conduct Bandwidth Shaping based upon MAC addresses.


  • No, sorry.

  • You can do sort of… Simply assign static DHCP entries to each of your MACs and you're done......  ;)

  • i use aliases in firewall,for bandwidth shaping and penalty rules, and asign dhcp static for MAC

    mm..  1 aliases : client1 ips:,
            2 aliases: cxlient2  1p:
    then  trafic shaping penaltyBox
          adress:  client1
                      uP 128kb/s
                      Dw: 512kb/s
    and for each aliases create penaltydown and penaltyuP queues and configure upperlimit m2  ex 256kb/s
    this work fine for me
    sorry my english