Freeradius continuos counting of session timeout

  • Hello,

    Is there a way to keep the Amount of time continuously counting even if the user logs off? Like if i set a time limit of 120 minutes and the person logs off the captive portal at 30 minutes and doesn't log back in until the next day i want the counter to keep on running down those 120 minutes and expire after the 120 minutes are up.

    Right now I have set the Session timeout to 1 minute passed the total time of 120 minutes but it still pauses the Acct-Session-Time when the person is logged off.

    Also i use different timed usernames some 60 minutes some 86440 minutes etc. I only want some not all of them to have this attribute. In other words the ones i choose can pause and the others cannot.

    I'm using Freeradius package with the Users file on pfSense 2.0.2 w/captive portal RADIUS authentication.


  • What you want is vouchers. They start counting when first time authenticated and then count down until time is over.

    The time counting in freeradius just counts the time the user is online. Session-Timeout is similar to "Hard Timeout" or "Idle-Timeout" on CP. It will not help you in this case.

    What you can try to do set an "Expiration" value. So loets say a user gets its account on 10th march and 120min but does only use 60. The expiration is set to 11th march then the user cannot login again on 11th march even if there are 60mins left.

    Of course this will prevent the user to login even if you set a daily reset of the 120min counter.

  • Thansk for the reply- there is only one problem with vouchers in that they cannot be paused.

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