Weird problem with multiple VLANs and airprint

  • Not sure if I'm posting this in right forum, but I figured this sounded like the best place.  If it's not, please forgive me and suggest where to move the discussion to..

    Here's my scenario:

    I've got 2 Wireless LANs.  One is a private LAN running with a pfSense box on VLAN 2 on a hidden SSID coming from several D-Link 2553 WAPs.  The other is a public wireless running on the default VLAN from the same WAPs using a different pfSense box.

    There are 3 networks involved here:

    Office network (connected only to the private pfSense box)
    "Dirty LAN" - Where the wireless traffic is running - It has VLAN 2 and the default VLAN.
    WAN connection.  Each box has it's own WAN connection to the internet (we have 5 static IPs)

    I have another box running Ubuntu to provide printer access to the wireless network and Airprint.  It is connected to the office network to reach the printers and VLAN 2 of the "dirty LAN" to provide access to the private wireless.

    Here's the problem.  The airprint service is seen and usable on the public network, despite having no connection to the Ubuntu box.  The Ubuntu box cannot be pinged or otherwise reached.  I do NOT want the public wireless seeing the airprint devices or being able to use them.

    I have done packet captures and I see the traffic going from the Apple device to the port 5353, but no traffic going back to the device.  I have blocked UDP traffic to both port 5353 and UDP traffic to, however it is still working.  I thought it might be "leaking" through the WAN interface, but I shut down the WAN interface and it could still be seen.  Turning off the Ubuntu box (obviously) shuts off the airprint service :)

    There is NO connection from the Ubuntu box to the default VLAN.

    Does anyone have any possible insight on this?


  • In case anyone is interested, I have solved this problem.  Here's what the story was:

    There were 3 interfaces on the Ubuntu box:

    eth0 - Base NIC - No VLAN - No IP address configured
    eth0.2 - VLAN 2 -
    eth0.3 - VLAN 3 -

    The Avahi daemon (Bonjour) was sending the broadcast packets to all 3 protocols.  To my surprise, they were being sent out the base interface, despite the fact that it had no IP address.

    I solved the problem by creating new portgroups on the vSwitch which were dedicated to VLAN 2 and 3 respectively.  I then created new NICs in the Ubuntu VM to attach to each of these.  Now everything is working as expected.

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