OpenVPN reset error?

  • Hi Guys…

    I'm using...

    2.1-BETA1 (i386)
    built on Thu May 2 17:27:34 EDT 2013
    FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p8

    Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D510 @ 1.66GHz
    Current: 1254 MHz, Max: 1673 MHz

    I've set up OpenVPN server for remote agents, but used the wrong Tunnel Network (IPv4). I corrected this error and saved, but did not realize that OpenVPN reset everything...changed to Peer to Peer (SSL/TLS) instead of keeping the previous selection of Remote Access (SSL/TLS)

    Is this normal?

    Thanks Jits...

    May 3 23:49:49 openvpn[19923]: Could not retrieve default gateway from route socket:: No such process (errno=3)
    May 3 23:49:49 openvpn[19923]: TUN/TAP device ovpns4 exists previously, keep at program end
    May 3 23:49:49 openvpn[19923]: TUN/TAP device /dev/tun4 opened

  • I tried on a test system with Remote Access (SSL/TLS+User Auth). I just changed the tunnel network and pressed save. It made the change and kept all the other settings, including the Server Mode - Remote Access.
    Can you reproduce it?

  • Hi Phil..

    Not this week, but the following week, I'll be trying to reproduce it…

    Thanks, Jits.

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