How to configure an external IP with multiple WAN's w/Load Balancing

  • I am taking over support for a network project that someone else setup. I am new to PFSense and have very limited knowledge of networking. My router is currently configured to loadbalance 8 DSL lines. This means that I have a total of 8 WAN's configured.

    I would like to be able to house a server(running uBuntu) on my network but allow connectivity from outside of my network.I have assigned the server an internal static IP address.

    How can I configure pfsense to assign an external facing IP to the assigned static IP address? Will I have to only configure the pass-through using specific ports?

    I have tried creating NAT's and Rules on LAN and WAN3 inferfaces. I chose WAN3 because it appeared that serveral NAT's and rules were already configured on WAN and WAN2.

    Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.


  • Create an 1:1 nat on firewall -> nat -> 1:1 with your WANX (one that nobody is using) and your ubuntu ip address, this will enable all traffic to, from, your server.

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