Gateways and Interfaces dashboard status not updating

  • On one of my systems the dashboard Gateways and Interfaces status widgets do not update. They just stay with the same data that was there when the dashboard first displayed. The System Information widget is happily updating at ~10 second intervals.

    On other systems the Gateways and Interfaces values/status updates about every 10 seconds. These are Alix 2D13 with LAN, WAN and OPT1. 2 gateways, 1 on WAN and 1 on OPT1 to 2 ISPs.

    The only difference I can spot with the problem system is that it also has a WiFi card, so has an extra interface that I have named WIFI.

    I am struggling to find where in the code is the javascript/ajax/whatever that triggers the ~10 second update refresh for the various dashboard widgets. If someone could point me to that, then I can attempt to debug why it does not work on this particular system.