Multiple DCHP pools via different gateway'd subnets on one LAN adapter

  • A simplified topology is shown below.  PfSense has 3 Lan gateways setup to each subnet.  I currently have PfSense issuing leases with the x.x.10.1 pool and router1 & 2 issuing leases to their respective lan pools. PfSense and Routers 1 & 2 issue a DNS addy of x.x.10.1 gateway.  The edge routers have buggy firmware and don't issue DNS addy's via DHCP properly, a hit'n'miss proposition, so I'm looking for an alternative method.  More centralized DHCP would seem easier to manage unless the setup gets complicated or precludes using Wan Failover or other essential features of PfSense.

    Is there a way to serve all lan pools with PfSense?
    Hope I explained well enuf, thanks…


    ---------------------DHCP LAN POOL
    X.X.10.50 TO X.X.10.100
    LAN X.X.10.2
    LAN X.X.10.3

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There is not currently a way to do that with pfSense.

    It may be possible in 2.2 or later, though. We do have support for multiple pools within the same subnet. It may be a natural progression from there to having other segments available for use via DHCP relay.

    Though if their DHCP servers are buggy their DHCP relay/helpers may also be buggy…

  • Thanks for the quick response.  Good point on the relay, considering their dns proxy is unreliable as well.  Seems their entire DHCP implementation has a history of problems which is all the more reason…

  • You'd best do this on a dedicated Linux or Windows server, assuming the DHCP relay functionality works fine.

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