OSPFd + OpenVPN collision again - function openvpn_clear_route()

  • Trying to setup full mesh OpenVPN between three sites that have CARP clusters and Multi-WAN.

    Having the problem on the client side. The p-to-p network is So the server interface is and the client is

    On the client in the routing table I see:

    | | link#22 | UH | 0 | 0 | 1500 | ovpnc2 |

    I do not see in there anywhere.

    But looking at  function openvpn_clear_route():

    function openvpn_clear_route($mode, $settings) {
    	if (empty($settings['tunnel_network']))
    	list($ip, $cidr) = explode('/', $settings['tunnel_network']);
    	$mask = gen_subnet_mask($cidr);
    	$clear_route = false;
    	switch($settings['mode']) {
    		case 'shared_key':
    			$clear_route = true;
    		case 'p2p_tls':
    		case 'p2p_shared_key':
    			if ($cidr == 30)
    				$clear_route = true;
    	if ($clear_route && !empty($ip) && !empty($mask)) {
    		list($ip1, $ip2) = openvpn_get_interface_ip($ip, $mask);
    		$ip_to_clear = ($mode == "server") ? $ip1 : $ip2;
    		mwexec("/sbin/route -q delete {$ip_to_clear}");

    I see that $ip_to_clear is selective which route it removes based on if its a server or client.

    In my case its a client. But the route stuck in the routing table is with the server's IP.

    Why not wack both routes in this function?



  • Oh wait! the interface is ovpnc2 which is this very tunnel OpenVPN client is trying to bring up. How is that route still there when the VPN tunnel is down.

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