Proper way to setup Router-Advertisements with DHCPv6?

  • Hi everyone.  I decided to play a little with my IPv6 setup and I'm stuck on the DHCPv6 and RA part.  Originally I had setup the DHCPv6 tab on the LAN interface to hand out a range of IPv6 addresses (no static dhcp).  On the RA tab I had it set to Assisted.  With that combination I was able to get IPv6 addresses assigned to the devices (ipod and nexus 4) but the range that was given looked very random and under the DHCPv6 Lease Status page they were not listed.  While this did give me IPv6 connectivity for those two test devices, I really wanted the assignments to be from the DHCP pool.

    Ideally I'd like to be able to handout IPv6 addresses from the pool along with DNS and only use RAs for the default gateway part.  Setting RA to Router Only results in the devices not being assigned an IPv6 address at all.  :'(

    Am I on the right track or am I missing something?


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    Well, managed or assisted, depending on what you need. (E.g., the Bitten Fruit™ machines still use radvd for the privacy IPv6 addresses even with DHCPv6, IIRC.)

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