Multiple IP Subnets on the same interface

  • Hi there,

    As it stands right now I can only figure how to get a single subnet of IPs on each vlan tagged interface where I would like to have 2 or more separate subnets.  I'd really like to see if this is something that can be done, as it would make pfSense much more useful.

    The topology being put to use looked as follows;

    A single feed comes from our upstream, where they route several subnets down, this connects to a switch which then connects to our two firewalls running pfSense 1.1.  Each firewall has a dot1Q trunk down to a Cisco 3500XL switch which then connects to each server(which at present, each interface is tagged with a different vlanID.

    Each VlanID in pfSense has only 1 subnet on it, I've heard ways to do by modifying the config.xml but wonder if there is any way to do this properly through the web interface.  Alternatively, if there are any plans for this in future release of pfSense.



  • I suppose I should mention how we route to the blocks internal to our network.

    We have a /29 assigned to the WAN interface, and carp running between the two firewalls.

    We then have our upstream statically routing blocks to the CARP IP of the firewall, and internally have these blocks assigned to interfaces directly connected on the firewalls.  No RFC1918 IP space is used, only public address space.

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