Access LAN subnet from WAN IP

  • Hello everybody,

    this question may sound stupip, but I could't think about a solution for this problem.

    Config is like follows:

    pfSense 2.1

    On the WAN side I have my gateway to internet, and my proxy server (Windows Box w/ remote access.)
    On the LAN side I've got a net.

    How can I access the net from the Windows Box

    I've got some routers on the LAN Segment I'd like to configure from my Windows Box which is on the WAN side, is this even

    Greetings, Gunnar

  • Real internet router back-side is
    Windows box is
    Lets say the pfSense WAN IP is
    Easiest way would be add a route on the Windows box to through
    Add a firewall rule on pfSense WAN - pass source destination (or destination IPs-in-192-168-you want reachable)
    Of course, in doing this you are opening up some or all of your LAN to access from, which itself has some sort of remote access (in a DMZ-style role here by the sound of it). So if something hacks into from the internet, it can then proceed to try and access LAN devices. You may or may not care about this.

  • Hi there Phil,

    just tried the solution you mentioned. I already added a route for the net to my windows box before.
    Now I also created a firewall rule to let this traffic pass to the LAN Subnet.

    Unfortunately, it still does not work. Do I have to give the address (WAN side of pfSense box) to my windows box as
    a kind of gateway?

    Please see attached screenshot from the config:

  • The route looks fine. The first WAN rule lets everything in, so you can't go wrong there - but it kind of defeats the idea of calling it a firewall :) The 2nd WAN rule by itself should also work.

    routers on the LAN Segment

    Now I see that the LAN segment has other routers, and presumably routes, behind it. Maybe those routers do not use the pfSense LAN IP (192.168.x.y) as their default gateway? Those routers will need to know that the route back to you at is through the pfSense LAN IP 192.168.x.y - then they will be able to reply to your connection attempts.
    Post a network diagram if you get stuck further.

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