Block DHCP broadcast from DHCP ON Domain Controller

  • Hello,
    I am Noob when it comes to networking.
    here is my situaution:

    My brother has  Pfsense setup at his home in PA.
    I have PFsense setup at my home in NJ.
    I am connected to his pfsense box via ovpn tap.
    DHCP is disabled on both Pfsense box's

    We have a rule on both lan interface and ovpn interface blocking port 67 and port 68 udp

    I have a domain controller running DHCP on my end
    My brother has a Domain controller running DHCP on his end

    Issue: DHCP Keeps spilling over
    I get IP's from his DC
    And he gets IP's from my DC"

    Any way to have dhcp broadcast blocked?

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    And why are you using tap if you don't want bridge?

    If you were using tun then you would not see broadcast traffic from the other side.  Are you running the same network space on the each side, example on your network and his as well?

    Clearly your rules are not correct though - can you post these blocking rules you have setup?

  • Thanks for replying so quickly.

    From the OpenVPN site: "By bridging a physical ethernet NIC with an OpenVPN-driven TAP interface at two separate locations, it is possible to logically merge both ethernet networks, as if they were a single ethernet subnet."

    That said, both sites are part of the same broadcast domain/network,

    The reason we went with a TAP Bridged configuration is to allow for seamless connectivity between connected devices. This makes it easy to play LAN Games, Host LAN Parties {xbox, xbox 360, lan games like starcraft 1, unreal tournament 2004} as well as stream movies and music {e.g. via Plex, DLNA, etc}.

    The goal is to achieve the above but without spilling dhcp traffic across the bridge.

    We have tried the following IPTables rules:

    Attempt 1:

    Attempt 2:

    However, none of these have worked, as IP Addresses continue to be swapped across sites, and we have verified DHCP spillover via Wireshark.

    My brother has done a lot of searching on the internet, and it seems this is a problem inherent to the type of connection we have. Might it be due to these broadcasts being layer 2 and iptables not being able to catch them?

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    Regardless the correctness of your rules, The Rules are Evaluated from Top to Bottom and "first match wins", so, if you want your Block rules catch any traffic you must move them above the pass rules…

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    Not sure where you go the idea that dhcp was layer 2?

    But yeah that first rule allows anything.. So your dhcp blocking rules are never seen.

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    Not sure where you go the idea that dhcp was layer 2?

    From the same place of:    :P


    We have tried the following IPTables rules

    Might it be due to these broadcasts being layer 2 and iptables not being able to catch them?


    pfSense Firewall uses Packet Filter (pf), Not Iptables

  • @ptt: I've updated the firewall rules as per your datum, and I'm happy to say that these settings worked!

    DHCP Broadcasts are no longer traversing the bridge. I've verified this with Wireshark.

    I am indebted to you.

    @johnpoz, my apologies, I was unclear. What I meant was that the DHCP Client sends a DHCPDiscover broadcast across Layer 2  (as well as Layer 3).  I was of the impression that pfSense could not catch this type of traffic.

    Again, @ptt, thanks for clarifying on what firewall technology was working under the hood. It's very clear I need to RTF(pfsense)M.

    So to recap, my firewall rules are set as follows:

    For IPV4/IPV6, block any UDP traffic originating from any source with a source port of either 67 or 68 destined to anything with a destination port of either 67 or 68.

    Illustrated below:

    And here are some keywords for google to cache:


    Again, much obliged to all.

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    Glad to see you have it sorted out….  :)

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    "DHCPDiscover broadcast across Layer 2"

    Again - why do you think that dhcp is a layer 2 protocol?  Because broadcasts are sent to the all FFs mac??  Maybe you need to re address your understanding at a basic level ;)

    So what layer is UDP?  Which dhcp uses right, so can't be any lower than that – and then think about it some more is there a client and a server involved?  So what layer does that put it...  Starts with A as a hint, and Comes after 6 but before the user level 8 ;)

  • @johnpoz, I understand that DHCP works on the application layer of the OSI Model. In my original post, I was referring to layer 2 broadcasts being produced by the DHCP client, not that DHCP itself is a Layer 2 protocol. Thanks again, and sorry for the confusion.

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    Your still confused!!!  I give up – think what you want..  But dhcp has nothing to do with layer 2 at all, nothing!!  Yes all traffic has a layer 2 part of it where macs are used.. And yes broadcasts go to the all FFs address.  That's common with every single protocol ;)

    From your statement pfsense wouldn't be able to firewall anything..

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