• Hi,
    i removed an old IPsec tunnel, which is still active on the opposite side, but is no longer used.
    Since then I get every 2-3 seconds following message in the log:

    racoon: [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] ERROR: exchange Identity Protection not allowed in any applicable rmconf.

    I restarted the racoon/IPsec service: without success
    I block all packets on the WAN interface of the IP address above: without success.
    I also check on the shell the racoon.conf, but I could not find anything about this IP address.

    My syslog server is running full. Please Help.
    Does anyone have an idea?

    Best regards,

  • Does anybody have an idea?

    Last week we reinstalled the pfsense with the backup of the current configuration.
    We have still this problem.

    Is there another way to check the racoon configuration?

    Best regards,