Very long boot sequence after finding ipsd0 ServeRAID 4Lx (neo lite) [fixed]

  • Hello

    I run pfsense (latest snapshot) on an IBM xSeries 232 (single 1.2 ghz p3 cpu).
    I  have a weird issue that might come from the ips driver..

    On boot, the boot process gets stuck for 5-10minutes right after finding the ipsd0 logical volume attached to the ips0 card..

    Then, boot simply resumes and the firewall ends up working well..

    I wonder if such problem is commun or known, and if any workaround has been found..

    Best regards.

  • Try one of the recent FreeBSD 6.1 betas and see if it is doing the same thing.

  • Actually, upgrading to latest snapshot didn't solve the issue.

    But i found a fix!

    Basicaly these xseries spare an internal adaptec controller and a pci board with the ServeRAID controller.

    That internal controller has no devices attached to it in my server.

    Disabling the internal adaptec controller seem to chase that bad timeout..

    Boot isn't delayed anymore after finding ipsd0 logical volume.