Share and Limit WAN Download in multi LAN environment

  • I want to limit my WAN download upto 800 Kbps.
    Problem is that I have multiple LAN (1 LAN and other DMZ).

    Using traffic shaping HFSC scheduler I am able to limit traffic for a given LAN interface.
    But the queues work independently on both interfaces.

    But how can I have a common queue with upper limit for both LAN interfaces.

  • You can't.

    Possible workarounds:

    • Bridge all LANs and apply the shaper to the bridge interface (you can still control traffic between interfaces, although they will technically be within the same subnet)
    • Use VLANs connected to the same physical interface, then apply the shaper to the physical interface
    • Use another pfSense box in transparent bridge mode, in front of the other one, to handle the shaping

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Use limiters, set a pair of limiters up (one for upload, one for download) with the speed you want for both LANs
    Then use those limiters in all traffic for both LANs.

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