TunnelBlick on Mac with openvpn

  • Having nightmare trying to get a VPN connection to work from a Mac running OSX using Tunnelblick and pfsense 2.1 release.  OpenVPN connections work like a charm on my Windows boxes, Anybody got any tips, advice?

    I used the client exporter to export the Archive, Client Only and Viscosity bundles to no avail..


  • Are you using Tunnelblick? If so, importing the client export and importing it in Tunnelblick worked like a charm for me.

  • When I imported the client configs into Tunnelblick it just threw up a config error.  However, switching to Viscosity using the the Viscosity export worked like a charm so for $9 it's worth it just in time saving alone..


  • Very strange. It just took me 1 minute to setup a connection with OpenVPN, directly from the export/import feature. What was the error?

  • +1 for Viscosity. Tunnelblick is having serious issues with newer Mac OS versions, since 10.8.

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