Arp issues with carp

  • Is there a known issue with Carp on 1.0.1?

    I have been seeing some odd arp issues today.
    I just migrated over a cluster of about 50 win2003 servers. For some reason some of the servers have the mac for the failover box in their arp tables for the carp address/gateway.

    Has anyone seen this before? Will my upcomming upgrade to 1.2RC3 resolve this issue?

    I had to shut down the failover box today due to this issue.


  • Probably I have the same issue.

    There are two pfsense in network: .71 and .72 (ends of IP address)
    .70 - Virtual IP (default gateway), .72 - Master, .71 - Slave.

    So suddenly another comp take .72.
    After releasing .72 no one computer, that have .70 like default gateway cannot get out from LAN. And only after write static arp in their arp tables these machines get Internet.

  • 1.0.1 is not the recommended version, try 1.2RC3.

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