Unable to remove unwanted default gateway

  • Short Summary: Unable to remove old default GW when changing WAN IPv6 config from Static to DHCP6

    I am using native IPv6 from my ISP in the UK. pfSense is behind a TG582n router and my WAN interface is set to use DHCP6. It's generally working OK however during testing I decided to try out assigning a static IPv6 address to my pfSense box rather than the assigned address obtained from the router.

    I wanted my router to have 2001.xxx.xxx.xxx::1 and my pfSense box to have 2001.xxx.xxx.xxx::2. For whatever reason, I couldn't get this working at all, but that's now a task for another day.

    Now for my problem. As part of the above setup, I needed to define a default IPv6 gateway of 2001.xxx.xxx.xxx::1 in the WAN interface settings. Now that I have gone back to DHCP6 on WAN, everything stopped working since my default gw is still set to 2001.xxx.xxx.xxx::1. I can find no way of deleting this stale entry. It persists after a reboot, and the only thing I can do is SSH in to pfSense and correct the route manually.

    I think this is a bug, can anyone confirm?

  • Just delete your gateway on system routing.

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