Allow traffic between subnets OpenVPN

  • I want to be able to allow traffic between these subnets.
    But i think there is something i have to do for the routing to work.(other than adding firewall roules?)
    Manual Outbound NAT rule generation


    As you can se, the "Testlan" interface is beeing routed via the VPN gateway,

    I want be able to reach the machines in the from the subnet, while the clients in the "Testlan" interface is beeing routed via the VPN.

  • Not sure about the exact config here. But in any case, you need to add ordinary pass rules to pass the traffic that is NOT to be "policy-routed" out a gateway to the internet. Those rules go above the policy-routing rules you already have:
    On LAN, Pass source LANnet destination TESTLANnet
    On TESTLAN, Pass source TESTLANnet destination LANnet

  • Thanks:!
    I did the same thing before, just that i haven't moved the roules to the top!


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