How to install avahi on pfsense embedded?

  • Hello!

    I want to use avahi with pfsense (embedded with alix2c3) and I want to announce the WebGUI and ssh on the LAN (maybe more later).
    I´ve downloaded the required packages from but it seems that avahi crashes after a few seconds/minutes. The packages are pretty old at that link, maybe thats the problem?

    If i try to install the standard package with "pkg_add -r avahi" it wants to install a whole bunch of packages that I really do not need. I just need the avahi-daemon and some configs thats all.

    Every hint is welcome, bye,

    P.S. Just want to tell that I can see and connect to the services - sometimes not always - and how can I restrict  this to the LAN port?

  • Packages are not supported on embedded platform.

  • @sullrich:

    Packages are not supported on embedded platform.

    I know, but it works flawlessly, I installed bash and curl because I have some shell-scripts I want to run that use bash and curl. But avahi is another thing :-)

    Okay what do others think about mDNS, Zeroconf or Rendevous/Bonjour? I want to use this in MacOS X LANs.


  • What part of "not supported" was unclear for you?

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