Load Balancing peer client

  • Hello
    I implemet pfsense in a form of multi gateway with two gateway (Load Balancing) but I have problem with sites that have "session ip check" and with the change of ip  gateway the IP has chamged and user being log out and must be login again.
    I active "Use sticky connections" and "Allow default gateway switching" from "System: Advanced: Miscellaneous : Load Balancing" and set the source tracking timeout on 600000 but the problem is existing and IP change every seconds. I want implement outboand loadbalancing based on peer client.it means that when a user connect to system, his traffic pass-through one gateway until the end of the day, or until the gateway get out of access, and the remaining users connect to other gateways.  Can it implement with pfsense.

  • I think "Use sticky connections" is for load-balancing incoming traffic forwarded in from the internet to web servers.
    I just posted this - https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=74931.msg408997#msg408997 - it is not quite what you are describing.
    I had a feeling that there was somewhere in the rule advanced options that you could tell stuff from 1 client to stick to the WAN that is first used, but I can't spot it now. Maybe I was dreaming of it?

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