Dyndns.class questions

  • I was modifying the code for dnsdns.class to support select WAN interfaces for DDNS and I noticed there were a lot of unused variables in the class and in the contructor parameters.  Can someone please enlighten me on the status of this code and what the intentions were for the class variables?  I see tons of calls to get_wan_ip_address when the _dnsWanip should already contain that information.  This makes passing a specific IP address useless.  Also the CURL options should set the outbound interface to the one the DDNS is going out on.

  • The original maintainer has not had any time to work on this since he had a kid.  You are more than welcome to fixup the code and send us a diff -rub patchset against HEAD and RELENG_1.

  • thanks sulrich,  i'm going to clean it all up and modify dyndns to support multiple wans.  then i'll submit my patch for approval.

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