EFM install, need to know how to re-configure interface and gateway

  • Hi there,

    We are having a few of our offices upgraded to EFM lines from DSL but I wanted to know. Is there a way I can change the Interface IP address and the Gateway for said interface at the same time?

    These offices in question are not based anywhere near me and I would like to be able to re-configure the firewall remotely so that all they have to do on that end is plug in the router to the firewall and away we go.

    Now I could, before I get them to disconnect the firewall from the current DSL service, log in remotely and change the Interface IP, but then that would kill the Ipsec tunnel that allows me to remote on from where I am. Also, without the gateway being set correctly it would not connect.

    So, any suggestions as to how I can achieve this without having to send out a ready configured for EFM firewall to replace the existing one?

    Thanks in advance

  • Netgate Administrator

    So the EFM connection will be DHCP? The existing connection is PPPoE?

    You could configure an additional WAN connection for the EFM if you have interfaces spare and then have them switch the connections.

    You could perhaps download and modify the config file and then either have them restore it or restore it remotely at the appropriate time.


  • Another option to maintain access, would be to temporarily allow external access to the WebGui using an alternate port.

    You could setup the WebGui to use port 9443 (or whatever you chose) and then open that port on the WAN interface at least for the time it takes to do the switchover.  That gives you access to the box under the new connection so you can get IPSec and the rest back up and running.  When you're done, simply disable the allow rule.

  • No. The EFM is on a fixed IP range. But yes, existing connection is PPPoE.

    Good idea on the config file,also on the opening a port. Thanks for the suggestions

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