How do I force 3CX (PBX) to use a set gateway when multi wan is running

  • Hi all,

    I have been trying to get a 3CX pbx to run via PFSense running multi wan!

    I have read a few different forum posts and the more I read I get more confused….

    I need to be able to force the ports that are to do with 3CX to use Wan1 (adsl) as the firewall test fails if the port packets try to go out via Wan2 (3G via a bridged modem) even with port forwarding for both Wan1 & 2!

    If I put Wan2 as Teir 2 it works fine but that stops the reason why we are using multi wan.....

    For some reason the ports seem to be blocked on the 3G connection downstream! Only guessing though....

    Any ideas would be great! As mentioned I am totally confused now.....

  • Make a rule on the LAN tab with the source set to the IP of the 3CX box. Set the gateway on this rule to wan1 (or make a second gateway with wan1 tier 1), move this rule before the default outbound LAN rule.

  • Thanks that worked a treat!