Multiple scopes on 1 interface with seperate DNS??

  • Can I have multiple DHCP scopes on the 1 interface address pool but with seperate DNS?

    Here is the scenario that I want:

    LAN1 Interface -

    -DHCP Scope1
    –Scope Range: -
    --DNS Servers:

    DHCP Scope2
    --Scope Range -
    --DNS Servers:

    I want to have an Alias called 'Scope2DHCP'.
    I want to have certain devices with DHCP reservations within the Scope2 range, with aliases defined for each host.  These host aliases will be members of the 'Scope2DHCP' alias.

    The DHCP Scope 2 will only apply to hosts within the 'Scope2DHCP' Alias.  All other non defined hosts will get their address from DHCP Scope 1.

    Is this possible?  Please give me your suggestions.

  • Yes, once you have installed Marcello's mod for multiple scopes, then you can provide true separation of dhcp scopes outside of the interface range. The dns server(s) are defined per scope (or default if you leave them empty)
    Can't remember if you can do this with standard config, sorry :-[

    See bounty:

    (funny, 2nd time today I refer to this bounty… people are going to suspect me for publicity ???)

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