Blocking WAN route if ISP quota exceeded

  • Hi All,

    I'm looking to set up a multi-wan pfSense solution utilising a traditional ADSL service and 4G Wireless WAN connection. The 4G connection is going to be the preferred connection for general browsing traffic due to its higher capacity but there is a limit on the amount of data included per month (10Gb).

    I'm after a way that I can implement a block on the 4G WAN connection once the pfSense box has transmitted/received the 10Gb limit (recognising this needs to be set lower than the actual limit).

    Are there any known/working ways of doing this?

    Neither the ISP or the router support data quota capping.


  • i also am trying to figure this out just for one wan ive seen mentions of using bandwidthd but have no idea how to use it.

  • In my investigations I have found how to do this on linux using iptables, with iptables not being available on pfSense I then found the following post talking about IFPW which pfSense uses (obviously).

    Issue for me is I have no idea how to use ipfw and script it to work on pfSense without breaking anything else. Would anyone care to help work a solution for this… perhaps if it does work there is a possibility of getting it added to the GUI too?


  • pfsense doesn't use ipfw as for general firewalling, it uses PF.
    afaik, ipfw is only used in the captive-portal

  • So there would be no way of using ipfw on the WAN interface as well and using that to block once the quota had been reached?

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