Separate squid cache drive/partition?

  • Hello,
    On one of my pfSense boxes, I have a PCI to CARDBUS adapter with an ages old PocketZip/Click drive and its 40 MB disk installed. I would like to try to use it for the Cache for Squid3, so as to minimize the number of writes to my 4 GB CF Card.

    Is 40 MB even going to be sufficient for that purpose. There are no other drives on the pfSense box. Just the CF card and the PocketZip.

    For the curious:

    For my pfSense boxes, I am using 3 HP t5730 Thin Clients. One box has the CF card, an expansion bracket, with the PCI to CARDBUS, and PocketZip drive and disk. One has the stock 2 GB Disk on Module, and an expansion bracket with an Atheros-based Wireless 802.11abgn card. One box has no expansion bracket whatsoever. I am planning to add a fourth box with the expansion bracket and an Intel Pro 1000 S Ethernet card to act as my Internet NAT router.

    I got 8 Thin Client boxes, and 5 Expansion brackets, and one power cord on ebay for $140 + s/h. I managed to scrounge-up 2 more power adapters. Violla!

  • The default cache size is something like 100MB so 40MB may be on the small side, depending on your needs.

  • Hmmm, 100 MB. Good to know. I don't suppose then, that the PocketZip drive would be useful anywhere else. (In the pfSense box, and it's filesystem, that is. Wanted to clarify that point, before some wise-cracker says "Yeah, you can use to hold up the leg of your wobbly coffee table". - That would, of course, be absurd. I don't have a coffee table - nobody here likes coffee… ;)

  • Ok. So, I realized that 40 MB is just a teensey bit small for this kind of thing. I purchased 2 CF-style microdrives with PCMCIA adapters. I'll find a use for the other on someday, but for now, I am using one of the Microdrives (each drive is 2 GB) for the cache.

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