Need Help setting interfaces in pfsense and attached devices

  • I am not exactly sure what this type of setup would be called as I am a not a network wizard.  I have read countless posts in many different Google forum searches and the Docs and cannot figure this out by myself.

    Need the Sonicwall to handle all NAT as it is doing right now.

    I have installed 2  ( StarTech - PCI-Express Gigabit Network Cards)

    I have already successfully installed pfSense on computer hard drive.

    These setting are what I am needing help with please.

    pfSense Setup:

    Assign Interfaces:
    re0 = WAN
    re1 = LAN

    Set Interface(s)  IP address:

    1 - WAN (re0)
    2 - LAN  (re1)

    **** LAN ****

    Enter the new LAN IPv4  address.  Press <enter>for none:

    Enter the new LAN IPv4  subnet bit count:

    For a WAN, enter the new LAN IPv4  upstream gateway address.
    For a LAN, press <enter>for none:

    Do you want to enable the DHCP server on LAN [y:n]

    Do  you want to revert to HTTP as the webconfigurator protocol?  (y/n)

    **** WAN ****

    Configure the IPv4 address WAN interface via DHCP?  [y:n]

    Enter the new WAN IPv4  address.  Press <enter>for none:

    Enter the new WAN IPv4  subnet bit count:

    For a WAN, enter the new WAN IPv4 upstream gateway address.

    Please help me get this setup working.</enter></enter></enter>

  • Do I need to start like this by:

    Assign one of my unused static ip's to the pfsense box such as and on which interface WAN or LAN? subnet bit count? upstream gateway address?

    I did not install pfsense in any vmware, just straight to the hard drive.

    I don't know how to get the pfsense browser configuration screen up yet.

  • I don't know why you want to keep the SonicWall.  pfSense can do NAT for you, and it would make your config simpler.

    To start, yes, you need to use one of the IP addresses given to you as your pfSense WAN.  WAN is the link between your LAN and the outside Internet.  Try to reconfigure pfSense again with these values:

    WAN IP:
    Mask bits: 29

    That should get you online.  I don't know much about DSL modems, so there may be additional steps required.

  • Because I have almost 100 access rules, and 100's of address objects and service objects already set the way I need them and really do not want to have to enter them in again it would take days, and NAT is already setup in the Sonicwall as well.  I need the pfSense box for other things Such as Country ip blocking before traffic hits my LAN, etc.  not some computer Peerblock software alternative.
    Since Dell bought out Sonicwall they went and started EOL all of their devices and upped their prices for paid serviced, so I did not renew them.

    I know I can have both devices, its just getting the setup correct that I need help with.

    I will try those settings and auto-detect on the pfSense LAN and directly connect a computer to the LAN pfSense NIC and I should get a internet connection that way? to pull up the pfSense dashboard in a browser?

    So from the Comcast modem, the cable plugs into the pfSense box's WAN NIC

    and from the pfSense box's LAN NIC cable plugs into the sonicwall's WAN NIC ?

  • OK, make sense to keep the SonicWall if you have a heavy config that you don't want to reproduce.

    Your modem will connect to your pfSense box, which will connect to your SonicWall, which will connect to a switch with your LAN;

    Phone line/cable - (WAN) MODEM (LAN) - (WAN) PFSENSE (LAN) - (WAN) SONICWALL (LAN) - Switch for your clients

    Because you're going router to router, you have to be careful about which IP addresses you give the various WAN/LAN links to make sure everything is on different subnets.  For example:


    PFSENSE WAN or DHCP if DHCP Server enabled on modem

    SONICWALL WAN or DHCP if DHCP Server enabled on pfSense

    These are just examples and other IP address ranges would also work.  Your client's IP addresses would be in the - range.

    You should automatically get an Internet connection from your modem if you set your pfSense WAN to DHCP, assuming the modem is a DHCP server.

    Yes, per the crappy ASCII diagram at the top of my reply, you plug your cable or phone line into the modem, and the modem's LAN cable into the pfSense WAN socket.  From thee, pfSsnes LAN to SonicWall WAN.  SonicWall LAN to switch that your clients attach to.

  • the

  • What is this WAN DHCP Address versus the WAN Internet Address?  Your modem should only have one WAN address, no?

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