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  • Hello colleagues,

    I would like everyone's help to resolve a doubt for enriching my knowledge in pfSense.

    I have a domain running under W2k3, the main server I have running Active Directory and DNS Server.
    I have a pfSense doing the work of DHCP server.

    My goal is to leave the pfSense serving internal DNS and DHCP.

    current structure
    domain CM2.local

    -Domain Controller (Win) - IP
    -DNS-Server (Win) - IP
    -DHCP server (pfSense) - IP

    desired structure
    domain CM2.local

    -Domain Controller (Win) - IP
    -DNS-Server (pfSense) - IP
    -DHCP server (pfSense) - IP

    If possible show you step by step what to fill in the wizard.

  • Hei Reginaldo Barreto,

    You might know this already, but just wanted to say that DNS is such an important and integrated component of Active Directory, that I would highly recommend you to keep using the AD controller as DNS server. Also see http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc726034.aspx (which explains the advantages of using AD-integrated DNS).

    If you should still choose to use pfSense as your local DNS server, I see two options:

  • thanks for the feedback,

    I will continue with my current network structure.

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