Expect scripting in pfsense not working

  • Hi Everyone  :)

    I am tring to execute expect script command using the pfsense shell, but it gives messages:

    spawn: not found
    expect: not found
    send: not found

    Can anybody suggest me how to work this.

  • Rebel Alliance Moderator

    Hi Amit,

    first, welcome to the forums, but this is the Feedback forum, meant for feedback to the forums staff and pfSense in general. This is NOT a bug/feature/ask-any-problem forum. That would be "General Questions".
    Second, those binaries aren't shipped with the default installation of pfSense as those aren't needed anywhere and pfSense is stripped down to the necessary tools. As I don't know what you are trying to do with those (as there are other mechanisms to read out data), I can't point to anything specific but things like expect scripts have a big tendency to blow up in your face if there are even slight alterations to the CLI or shell you are expecting. And as there is a big step up ahead (pfSense 2.1 -> 2.2) I would rather look into other ideas to get the output you want with tools provided.


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