• interestingg thing, I have Encore regualr ethernet network card when FreeBSD initializes it gives me an error Interface conflict on "lnc0" why? is that because it is not officially supported or what?

  • Check your bios settings. You should have pnp OS disabled. Make sure adresses and interrupts are assigned correctly. You also might want to clear your nvram to try to resolve conflicts.

  • yea u are correct the PNP OS is desabled…
    is FreeBSD considered as PnP os?

  • just enebled PnP OS still getting the error

    : Lan lnc0 interface mismach. – Running interface assigment option"

    in interface assigment it shows my primary build in card vr0 and something like plip0 but no PCI card

  • No, it's not a pnp OS, that's why it should be disabled so the bios assigns resources to the hardware.
    Also try using a different PCI slot. I once had issues with a nic too and using anither slot resolved it.

  • well I have only one PCI, so I gues im scruwed with this card,…. but my Atheros 5xxx wireless nic works fine on the same pci slot

  • did you try to reset the nvram?

  • no… do i use shell?
    how? and what are the consecuances? last time i did that on my linksys it died out lol

  • I usually is an option in the bios. The adresses and irqs that are assigned to different hardware is stored in the nvram. If you clear that the ressources will be assigned again. You can't break your hardware by clearing that. It's only the ressourcemappings.

  • yes, you cant pgrake the harware, but you might endup with empty wariables bios, so nothing is butting and then you have to tftp new bios image and its not always working….

    unless you usiing some diferent method that I dontknow of?

  • I think we are talking about different things. The option that I talk about should be near the pnp os setting in the bios. You can set it to "yes" and perform a reboot. On next bootup ressources will be assigned again and the option falls back to "no"

  • yea we did talk about diferent things…. I looked at my bios, ad that option called "reset resource configuration"
    the NVRam I was talking about was the one that hadnles the variables of the BIOS such as what CPU Bridge does motherboard has or the co-processor etc....

    quick question, is GCC compiler installed on the system? I wnat to install FreeRadius manually with support of remote MySQL authentaction

  • No, you have to use the developersedition for that: http://wiki.pfsense.com/wikka.php?wakka=VMWareDevelopersEdition (btw, that is unsupported, so you are on your own  ;) )

  • I just reset the resource configs, still cant see my network card :-(

    PS: yea I know I have to instal freeradius on my own, that is not that hard, but sometimes SQL functionality freaks me out…. never installs as it should, although on RedHat installs are easy