Failover, static public IP, and virtual IPs.

  • What I have:
    Comcast Gateway (router IP with a regular static public IP)
    xDSL Gateway (dynamic public IP in 10.1/8 subnet)

    The goals is:
    pfSense 2.1.4-RELEASE (WAN1 public IP | WAN2 dhcp)
    WAN1 as main, WAN2 as failover.

    I thought I knew what I was doing, but after I added the static public IP under WAN1 interface, it gave an error when I tried to edit it under System>Routing. It said the gateway was not in the same subnet (I tried adding the public gateway). Essentially, the Comcast gateway would act as a bridge.

    Also, on my current router, I have something called multi-homing which allows me to route traffic for two additional subnets ( and I'm guessing that this is called "Virtual IPs" in pfSense. If that is not the case, how would I set it up?

    EDIT: Resetting the router to factory defaults and importing the settings afterwards allowed me to do what I wanted without an error. However, I'm still not positive if what I did was right or not.

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