Gateway down alert via email

  • As an MSP, I manage several customer sites with pfSense firewalls. Lately, I have been having poor reliability with Time Warner ISP. I would like for my pfSense devices to alert me with an email  when gateway down or delay events occur (actually, just email me as soon as the gateway is back up) with the details of the event. Essentially, the same as the Gateway Log already. Any way to do this?

    Steve Waller
    Technigogo Technology Services

  • Just fill in System -> Advanced: Notifications -> SMTP E-Mail and you should recieve the warnings.

  • Thanks for the reply. I have filled that in. I have successfully tested with the Test SMTP button and received the test email but I still don't get an email warning. I have it set to a LAN SMTP server in some cases so it is not a connection issue to the mail server that is the problem. I think there must be a setting for notification thresholds where I tell it to email me alerts of this nature. Any idea where that might be?

  • I never found something like that. I get eMails on changes of IP, but mostly the VPN tunnel to the LAN mailserver is not up when the box tries to send the eMail… bad luck...

    The eMail Report package is no alternative in my opinion, as it only creates Cron jobs for reports to be sent out.

    btw: Russia invading the Ukraine...

  • My fault  :-[
    It only works when you have gateway groups activated for loadbalancing or failover…

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