Stupid noob config question..!

  • Hi,

    So I did have this working previously. But I had to change the ADSL modem and I'm not sure what config I had on the modem.  >:(

    Basically, I have ADSL modem> PFSENSE WAN NIC ( Then PFSense is router for internal LAN with DHCP server, I also have Reverse proxy which forwards to internal servers (owncloud).

    Only thing I have configured on the ADSL modem is that I turned on DMZ and put DMZ Host IP Address as I thought I needed to do this?

    So all computers behind the PFSense firewall are connecting to internet ok, no problems.

    Also I can rdp to my internal server from external connections.

    So everything is ok EXCEPT, when I try to go to my external IP, for some reason it takes me to the logon page for my ADSL modem! If I put in  I get directed to my external IP however, it just goes to my ADSL models logon page!

    I think maybe I have to set up a static route? Not sure? Why is the modem not forwarding these traffic onto PFsense? Because the rdp seems to work.

    I hope I have explained this well enough.

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    It's basically this:'t_I_access_forwarded_ports_on_my_WAN_IP_from_my_LAN/OPTx_networks
    Slightly different because your public IP is on your modem instead of the pfSense WAN.


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    You might consider putting the DSL modem in "bridge mode" and let pfSense be your WAN interface (set pfSense to DHCP or PPPoE or whatever your ISP requires.)  Then you won't be double-NAT either.

  • Well I have no idea what happened.. I changed nothing yet over night suddenly it's working… very strange indeed. I think maybe my DNS hadn't updated.

    Not ideal but at least it's working. I just need it for an assignment for uni.

    Thanks guys

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