DHCP pools

  • Hi all, im trying to setup dhcp pools  but somehow my assignments are not working…
    In general i have one pool (lets call it default pool)  and i have another pool (lets call it dedicated) which has MAC set under MAC Address Control->allowed .

    What im trying to do is to create pools with some MAC under allow section and have a "fallback" pool for clients which have no MAC listed in any of pools.
    If i understand correctly, both default and dedicated pools match my client and default pool is being used.
    Is there a way (without mangling with dhcpd.conf) to define such "fallback" pool? i would like to avoid listing every single MAC in deny section of default pool...

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    I define a pool for dynamic clients, say .129-.254 and create static mappings outside of that pool for specific MAC addresses.  If the MAC has a static map, it gets the static config.  If not, it gets the pool config.

    It all just works.

  • Well static mapping is definitely going to work but i would like to avoid it since ill have to manage ip's by myself, not mentioning i won't be able to manage them in bulk .
    I was thinking of having allow class for dedicated pool and deny class for default pool but was not able to find a way to define that in GUI.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Ok so you want a dedicated but dynamic pool.  Sorry I misunderstood.

  • Am i asking to much?!  ;) You see , im going to have 4-5 pools later to be used for qos/routing/fw rules and managing all this on per device will going to be painful…
    Anyway, thanks for reply and spending your time on me :)

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