OpenVPN Site to Site Connection HMAC Error

  • On the 2.1 i have a site-to-site vpn to an other 2.1 machine. The other one is the Server.
    Authentication is shared key.

    On 2.2 I configured the tunnel like in the 2.1 except the new field "digest auth". This was set to "nothing".
    Having access to both pfsense maschines from the same computer over wan, it was eaysy to copy and past the shared key. So it should be right.

    On the Serversite PFsense getting much HMAC Authentication erros. VPN will not connect.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    As I mentioned on the redmine ticket, leave the digest at SHA1. OpenVPN defaults to SHA1, by setting that manually to nothing, you have created a mismatch.

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