dynamic DNS update with IPv6

  • Has anyone gotten this to work using the custom (v6) option?

    I don't know enough about how to form the URL correctly.

  • Did anyone manage to solve this?

    At home I have access to 6RD (no native) and I want to add a dyndns entry for that.

    I am trying with an Custom (v6) entry and putting the following in the Custom URL field:

    That does not work with 6RD on WAN interface, and if I select the LAN interface (which is tracking WAN) it will update with the IPv4 address.

    Is there anything like %IPv6% or should I just give up using this with 6RD and just update manually whenever it changes?

  • Edit:

    Issue has been resolved. It seems like I had a small mistake in my configuration.
    What is necessary to get it working with

    • add two entries to your account
      -> e.g. and
    • add a single entry first to your PfSense
      -> use "freeDNS" as your service type
      -> configure it for your host (have a look at the v4-config.png for an example)
    • repeat the last steps for your host (use the same service type, too)
      -> save it once you have configured it
      -> change the service type to Custom (v6) and configure it like on screenshot v6-config.png
      -> (make sure you use the token of your v6 hostname this time)
      -> save and it should work!

    I filled the hostname, username and password fields on the Custom (v6) to avoid warnings that otherwise would show up in the log when verbose logging is active. Maybe you could also just leave them blank…
    Also I did change the interface to LAN (instead of WAN) because we are getting a link-local? (fe80: :) on our WAN and only our LAN is getting the reachable IPv6 with 2001:: - with this configuration the update works just fine. Maybe you have to adjust it to fit your needs (just have a look at the adresses your interfaces get)

    If there are any questions, feel free to ask!

    P.S.: Does anybody know what else can be used in the Result matching? Like wildcards or RegEx?
    The answer of freeDNS is "Updated [hostname] to %IP% in 0.536 seconds" - the seconds differ of course. The hostname can be "hardcoded" but it would be pretty smooth if there is any additional var to include so any newb can just copy'n'paste…

    My current Result Matching: (dunno if it works though)

    Updated to %IP% in * seconds|ERROR: Address %IP% has not changed.

    Also it seems to be an issue with the Custom (v6) resolving on the main page - I added the monitoring for DynDNS there. It shows "N/A 00:30:39" for the Custom (v6) while it is working just well on the own Dynamic DNS page view table list thing for the column "Cached IP".

  • That works…  About time.  Got a little tired of seeing my IPV4 address getting passed instead of the IPV6 address.
    So now that that is solved and working, anyone want to talk about what idiots the ISPs are for not just assigning static /48s on the WAN?  Or anything static...

    I feel like this is a case of the ISPs working really hard to invent a problem so they can charge to solve it.

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