I need help properly configuring TinyDNS within pfSense

  • My experience with networking is beginner-intermediate level, so there is quite a bit that is over my head here.

    We have internal dev servers that have fixed ips with hostnames like 'internal.paul' or 'internal.suzy' things that don't have real tlds so that they won't be mistaken for external machines.

    They all run virtualmin so virtualhosts kind of bind their own hostname properly. Meaning if I could make a request for 'bam.internal.suzy' it would in general work as the virtualmin server would look up it's own data and then pull up the right site for that server.

    However on an internal network we are pretty much accessing these servers by typing their static ip (and port number to get around not being able to resolve by using the hostname)

    So the goal is to map bam.internal.suzy to

    (Note I can do it on individual computers by modifying their host files)

    After reading up a bit I first attempted to use the DNS Forwarder with little to no real success.

    After installing TinyDNS I could resolve things like internal.suzy, but not bam.internal.suzy, however I found that the whole internet was 30 seconds slower than normal.

    I found this link: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=66403.0
    and set up my box like the last poster did, and now the internet speed is back to normal, however I'm unable to resolve internal.suzy to anywhere at all.

    My changes thus far are as follows:

    System -> General Setup

    Moved our isp dns servers down one slot and added (the pfsense router basically) into the top slot.
    Checked: Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN

    Services -> DNS Forwarder

    Disabled DNS Forwarder

    Services -> DNS Server

    Binding IP:
    Enabled recursive DNS responder
    Interface to listen: LAN, WAN, loopback
    Respond to IP: {Blank}
    And that's it.

    In my records I have

    bam.internal.suzy       SOA
    internal.suzy           SOA
    www.bam.internal.suzy   A
    bam.internal.suzy       A
    www.internal.suzy       A
    internal.suzy           A

    Obviously I'm missing something important here, that I don't have enough knowledge about. Anybody able to shed some light.

  • I had to turn the dns server off as it was crippling the internet speed dramatically.

    I still would like to get this properly set up but so far no luck.

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