Adding host to dynamic DNS seems to mess up config

  • After I added a new host of the Loopia type and saved the settings, all other entries turned red and and have stayed that way even after reboot (which was not done by me, will address that issue in another post).

    I have seen this type of behavior before and I believe I had to re-save every entry for some reason to get them green and report correct IP on the screen.

    Using 2.1.4 right now.

    What is this about?


  • If this is previously unheard of should I file a bug report somewhere?

  • Ok, here's an example of what I wrote about earlier and also what I've seen on earlier versions of pfS too.

    I have edited and only pressed 'save' on the top three entries and all of them picks up the correct IP and shows it in list, two are Loopia and one DYN, doesn't seem to be the issue what type of account it is.

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