Some questions on configuring NAT 1:1

  • Hi All,

    I am using pfsense 2.15 on an ESXi server. My VMs use one switch, for both LAN IPs and External (Public) IPs.

    I want to setup 1:1 NAT to map the entire LAN subnet (10.0.0.x /8) to the WAN IP of PFSense. However, in looking at the screen, there's a lot of questions I have:

    Some questions:

    1)  In the interface box, I can select LAN or WAN. What would this be? Is this the "source" interface or the interface of the destination, which would be WAN?

    1. External Subnet IP states "Enter the external (usually on a WAN) subnet's". I want to provide just the WAN IP of PFSense here, but this sounds like it'd like the entire subnet? The IP is a standalone IP, I don't have a subnet block here.

    2. What's the difference between "External Subnet IP" and "Destination"?

    3. What is NAT Reflection?

    4. In internal IP and destination, there is a checkbox called "Not" to "Use this option to invert the sense of the match." What exactly does this do?


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