Help please, Could not get an IP from DHCP Server

  • I have the following config:

    • 1 notebook Toshiba A60 running pfsense Live CD
    • the notebook have 1 NIC Realtek wired (LAN) an wireless Atheros mini-pci card (WAN)

    The pfsense boots perfectly and all cards are OK, I configured the wired as LAN and the Atheros as a WAN.

    The Atheros connect to my AP router OK after start up.

    I connect the RJ45 cable from my computer running Windows XP or even PCLinux but I can't get an IP address from the server at pfsense, so I can't get to the GUI interface.

    Please help me, I need to get pfsense working, I don't have money to buy a 2WAN router and pfsense is only a choice I have.

  • If you connect 2 clients directly to each other with no switch in between you need a crossovernetworkcable.

  • Hi.

    I am using a cross over cable, both the pfsense and windows detect the cable link (100mbps) but windows or even when I use linux the dhcp client doesn't assign an IP to the client machine.

    I have this configuration setup in pfsense:

    Wired Lan (RL0): IP, client addresses from to
    DHCP enabled (y)

    The client and pfsense senses the rj45 cable (100mbps), but the client didn't get an IP from pfsense, I have configured the client as DHCP client to obtain the IP.

    If using windows it shows a limited access type message in the network icon, in linux nothing is showed at all.

    I tried 2 client machines with no success in getting the IP.

  • I GOT IT !!! I GOT IT !!!

    But ONLY using VMWARE !!!

    Very strange, only using VMWare I could get the machines to get the IP address from the pfsense DHCP server.

    Well, finally I am happy to see all the GLORY of the PFSENSE GUI INTERFACE !!!


    The unique thing I did using VMWARE is that I HAVE INSTALLED pfsense, and before I was only using the LIVE CD, maybe this was the problem ? Hmmmm….

    I'll try it later installing without the VMware to confirm this...

  • Just a tip for new users like me:

    Live CD in my case doesn't assign an IP to a client machine, but AFTER INSTALLING PFSENSE everything works without any problem.

    So if you have the problem of a machine not getting an IP from pfsense running in LIVE CD, just install it to your HD and that will resolve your problem.

  • The livecd has a dhcp server running at lan by default. This is not a problem. It must have been something welse but I'm glad you got it working somehow.

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