DHCP Server fall back to defaults DNS parameters for Static leases

  • Hi Everyone,

    This is the first time i write a message here, i already wrote in mailing list in the same time.

    I am an very happy user of pfsense but right now i have a little problem, i explain you :

    I’m using the lastest stable version on apu board.

    I have dhcp server enabled and some static leases for some of my hosts. Until here nothing special :)

    There is different domains in this network so i have to set different DNS servers and domain search suffix.
    My hosts are heterogenes, there is win7, win8, mac, smartphones, tablets… when i create a lease reservation in the dhcp settings and the machine connects it obtains the right parameters, so everything is ok, but in fact it’s NOT :(

    What happens (only for the win7 hosts, other are perfects, bad win7 nasty nasty) after a few second, and especially when you launch i.e. win7 seem to make some kind of new dhcp request although it already has it’s ip address and then it looses all it’s specifics parameters, DNS servers, DNS search suffix… it only keep its ip and gw address…

    After a lot of search i found it has to deal with some kind of proxy search that initiate a new incomplete request (DHCPREQUEST) and when you add in your dhcp options « 252  \n »  witch basically say to windows : stop asking, there is no proxy period ! win7 keep it’s good parameter but sometimes it looses it again (but i couldn’t identify precisely when…)

    Anyway, the 252 option is a workaround but the solution would be dhcpd gives the whole parameters every time it is requested to, no ?

    it seem to be a known bug : https://lists.isc.org/pipermail/dhcp-users/2013-May/016712.html

    am i doing something wrong ? please i really need help on this

    Best regards,

    PS Sorry for my english i hope you’ll understand me

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