IPsec routing with Virtual IP - Need help

  • Ok I'll give you the low down here and need some assistance on how to configure pfSense correctly. At this moment, I have some items configured but can't seem to get through with traceroute.

    Real LAN:
    Virtual IP:
    My Public IP for IP sec tunnel:
    Customer's Public IP for IPsec tunnel:
    Customer's Internal IP which I need to access:

    All data from the subnet which is destined for should be routed to the Virtual IP of The Virtual IP should NAT all data outbound to the IPsec tunnel so the customer only see's data coming from

    At the current moment, the IPsec tunnel is up and connected. What isn't working, for starters, is a traceroute from a computer on the Real LAN. If I run tracert, the first hop is still (router). I even created a route add for the PC to make the gateway for all data destined for

    Can anyone please help?

  • Can anyone please help?

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