[RESOLVED] NTP error in serial console - nanobsd alix

  • i have upgraded a few alix boxes to 2.2 RC and all of them show this error in serial console during boot

    Starting NTP time client...cannot create /dev/: Is a directory

  • Pushed a fix for this.
    Thanks for reporting.

  • Side note: I choose to use the gps NMEA refclock to handle PPS signal rather than the atom refclock, so I intentionally do not configure a serial port on the PPS tab.  When that's empty, system_ntp_setup_pps($serialport) creates an incorrect symlink:

    Dec 16 12:22:23 pfsense ntpd[77955]: refclock_atom: /dev/pps0: Is a directory
    Dec 16 12:22:23 pfsense ntpd[77955]: local addr -> <null>Dec 16 12:22:23 pfsense ntpd[77955]: GPS_NMEA(0) serial /dev/gps0 open at 9600 bps</null>

    [2.2-RC][root@pfsense.localdomain]/etc/inc: ls -l /dev/pps0
    lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  5 Dec 16 12:21 /dev/pps0 -> /dev/

    No error in operation, you can see that GPS_NMEA is happy with /dev/gps0 instead of /dev/pps0, and PPS works fine in this configuration.

    Note that consuming PPS with GPS_NMEA is the preferred way of using common GPS units equipped with PPS these days, rather than using both the NMEA and atom reflocks (127.127.20.n and 127.127.22.n respectively).

  • well the original issue mentioned in the thread seems fixed, regarding that config error i think it would be better to start a new thread or create a bug report

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