Mounting on another system to modify /boot/device.hints

  • Howdy. I'm setting up a new rig with a VIA Nano CPU and the latest 2.2 RC (although this isn't really a 2.2-specific issue)
    FreeBSD's Intel HDA audio driver doesn't play nice with VIA hardware, and hard-locks the system. For installation, I can exit to the boot prompt to set hint.hdac.0.disabled="1" as described here:

    However, on first boot of the new install, my USB keyboard isn't recognized in the BTX bootloader, and after the 2 second countdown it boots and crashes in the same spot. I can't seem to get the bootloader to recognize the keyboard (maybe a BIOS issue?)

    So I thought I would mount the pfSense install on another machine and edit /boot/device.hints there, but I'm struggling to get it to go. My main system runs openSUSE 13.2, and refuses to mount the ufs2 volume. Booting from the drive on my main system via a USB to SATA adapter causes the FreeBSD boot to say it can't find the volume.

    What's the easiest way I can mount this device to add one line to one file? Thanks.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You can use a live bsd cd (or usb key) such as pc-bsd or ghostbsd or even the pfsense install cd. All will read ufs.
    That hint should be put in /boot/loader.conf.local which will need to be created.


  • Thanks, I'll check that out. I'll admit my newbiness and say that though I tried booting from a FreeBSD install CD on my primary machine, I couldn't create a mount point using mkdir as the live CD is a read-only device. Should I go RTFM?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm. The only time I've had to do this I used GhostBSD, because I had the CD to hand, and I don't remember having any difficulties. I think I just opened the drive in the GUI file manager. Something behind the scenes took care of the mount point.


  • Holy moley GhostBSD is really nice! And worked perfectly, thanks!

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