Yet another ATT/NVG510 setup, complete with problems.

  • So yeah.. my only options in this new area is either Dish or ATT IPDSL "Uverse".  So in teh name of going big or going home, i order three 3mb ATT business lines.  Since residential service wont let you get more than one.  I knew PF would let me load balance them so things would be alright.
    Except i was not able to do research on the crappy Moto dsl modems until i received the first one.

    So ive read the one post where the guy mentions he resolved his issue by manually altering his subnet and default gateway because the nvg510 gave him a /32 subnet.  that did not work for me and heres why, to my knowledge.

    once the att guys left, after installing my 3rd and final circuit.  i directly plugged into each modem, pulling up the config page and changing the following:

    local netwokr IP address
    local dhcp range
    firewall>ip passthrough>dhcp dynamic

    So each modem has an internal lan IP address on my "established" net of  I also enabled ip passthrough and dhcp dynamic (based off the reports of how thats needed)

    heres my issue, as i sit here only one of my three circuits are showing the gateway up.  All three.. ALL THREE are still using the subnet designated via dhcp dynamic under ip passthrough.

    i still do not quit understand teh steps required to setup a load balanced config on pf, so for now i'm leaving that out.

    I can directly uplink into all three modems, being the only device attached I am given the public IP.  After which I am unable to hit anything external.. period.  If i leave the PF nic plugged in, then uplink my laptop i pull an ip from the dhcp range i specified ( and can surf effortlessly.  Or at least as well at a 3mb link will allow.

    My question to you guys is… would PF work and my work i mean do its fire walling job, if its wan nics had IPs on my internal subnet.  If I disable IP passthrough, (as if its working correctly anyway) would pf keep me safe?

    P.s. its been almost 4 years since the last bug/feature request Ive seen or found by googling to resolve this /32 issue.  Is there anything being done by teh devs that anyone knows?

  • Sorry i left out a part.  io did attempt to plug my laptop into a router as the only device therefor pulling the external IP.  I couldnt ping the gateway nor anything external.  Namely googles DNS servers of and

    forgive my typos.. im posting this on my ipad.

  • ok well i might have answered my own question.  i reset pf and the modem, disabled ip passthrough.  The PF wan nic got a 192.6i.15 address, i plugged my laptop into the switch where the pf lan nic is uplinking to, i pulled a dhcp ip from pfsense however i cannot ping out.

    am i screwed with the idea of using pfsense in this situation?  i need and want to loadbalance these lines.

    i sit here not totally sure of what the actual problem is.

    right nbow pf only has 1 ipdsl line pluggedd into a wan nic, and since i reset pf to defaults there is no other config confusing it.  it has 1 wan and 1 lan and i still cannot get outside.  WTF am i doing wrong here?

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