• I recently reset my cache and history in Chrome, and ever since I've done this, I'm getting an error message when visiting the pfSense management page.

    In the past, you use to be able to store the self signed cert in Chrome, but now, you don't even get that option.  I'm wondering if anybody knows how to trust the self signed certificate.  For some reason, I think it's getting hung up on the fact that the CN is "Common Name (eg. YOUR Name)".

    I also tried to open the site in Safari so I can store the certificate in my osx's "Keychain Access".  When I browse the site in Chrome, it even says "This certificate is marked as trusted for".


  • Different versions of firefox switched between letting the user store the pfsense web cert and other times not.

    Whats the error message you get or do you mean the default error message saying this cert is not trusted when you first visit the pfsense web login page?