[Question] DynamicDNS with WAN DHCP - Possible?

  • Hello
    After searching I couldn't find an answer to this..

    I have dual wan connections on my PFSENSE

    WAN1 is PPPOE and therefore knows the public IP address and DynamicDNS works fine

    WAN2 is DHCP and when I set the dynamicDNS for this interface, it justs uses the Public IP address of WAN1

    What can I do here? Is this even possible?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I have a similar setup (One PPPoE WAN, one DHCP WAN) and it works for me with a variety of providers (Namecheap, HE.net).

    Does pfSense actually have the public IP address from either of those WANs? Or is each WAN also doing NAT of some sort (and pfSense has a private IP)?

    It could also be something specific to No-IP, do you have some other provider to try?

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