BIND DNS with DHCP clients

  • Has anyone been able to get BIND to Dynamically update with the DHCP Server? I am using BIND because it allows for more control and I am also using BIND on my external DNS Servers. The DNS Resolve provides some more access then the DNS Forwarder, but you need to know the advance setup in order to do anything more then what the GUI Provides (which means learning Unbound DNS). I tried setting up DNS Forwarder on the IP Address only (no localhost), set localhost as the first DNS server in General, then set BIND to localhost binding. This did not work as I could not resolve anything (still got to check the logs on that one).

    Another reason I am using BIND is that in 2.1, it allowed me to run a separate DNS for my Guest Network and the blackhole setup works very well ( Otherwise, the guest could query my DNS Server and get IP address's of my internal network (I know the firewall will stop them from connecting, but I don't want them knowing about my systems).

    I did some searching through the forum and haven't found much. I did see static address's will only register once, other then that I didn't find anything that helped me with this issue. Anyone have any thoughts or howto on this?

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