L2TP Problem with CISCO

  • Good morning everyone.
    Today i've tried to set up an L2TP Tunnel between my Pfsense and a foreign CISCO Router. Note: Only L2TP without IPSec!
    I've created the L2TP Server as described at the Pfsense doc's section. (Set an IP Adress, unused by Firewall, added a remote Client subnet, pasted my secret Password, authentication type PAP and let everything else unchanged)
    Then i created the Firewallrules (L2TP Tab allow any to any on all Ports; wan tab allow 1701 UDP from any)
    Now i can see the CISCO Box connecting, but i get immediatly the following:

    Jun 2 14:16:26 l2tps: L2TP: Control connection 0x803462308 destroyed
    Jun 2 14:16:15 l2tps: L2TP: Control connection 0x803462308 terminated: 0 ()
    Jun 2 14:16:15 l2tps: Incoming L2TP packet from 1701

    My tcpdump on the WAN Interface looks like this:

    IP >  l2tp:TLSNs=0,Nr=1 *MSGTYPE(StopCCN) *ASSND_TUN_ID(61512) *RESULT_CODE(4/0)
    14:21:22.026952 IP >  l2tp:TLSNs=1,Nr=1 ZLB
    14:22:37.009611 IP >  l2tp:TLSNs=0,Nr=0 *MSGTYPE(SCCRQ) *PROTO_VER(1.0) FIRM_VER(4400) *HOST_NAME(vcdsl2) VENDOR_NAME(Cisco Systems, Inc.) *RECV_WIN_SIZE(20050) *CHALLENGE(fhuezfgg62g83e34d3e0162) *ASSND_TUN_ID(65256) *FRAMING_CAP() *BEARER_CAP() VENDOR0009:ATTR006e()

    Of course i changed the IP Adresses and the challenge request.
    Could someone point me to the right direction please? I think i am missing something, but dunno what.

    Thanks in advance

  • Anyone?
    I'm still trying to get this things working….
    Thank you!

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